Unlocking AI potential: Survey calls for clear communication strategies

A new global survey by WE Communications, an integrated communications agency, reveals a significant gap between executives' high expectations for AI and their organisations' concrete plans for communicating its adoption. While 83% of surveyed business decision-makers (including C-suite executives, senior management, and executive directors) are optimistic about AI's potential, less than half (37%) have established programmes to amplify its impact.The survey, titled "Bridging the AI Expectation Gap: Effective Communication Strategies," polled 2,900 executives and technology business decision-makers to understand how AI is impacting organisational culture, trust, and business communications.Key Findings:  Vision-Action Gap: Despite high optimism, most organizations lack a plan to fully capitalize on AI's potential. Only 17% are actively changing current behaviors to fully leverage AI's impact.  AI Communications Imperative: While recognizing the importance of clear communication, only 37% actively communicate AI's benefits internally.  Call for Collective Transparency: Nearly three-quarters (74%) of respondents believe their organizations should be more transparent about AI use compared to vendors and partners.  AI Opportunities: Customer service (47%) is seen as the area most likely to benefit from AI adoption, followed by Marketing & Communications (46%) and Product Development (45%).  AI Concerns: Security risks (92%) top concerns around AI adoption, followed by over-reliance on AI (58%) and job displacement (52%).Effective Communication is Key:The survey underscores the critical role of effective communication in driving AI adoption. WE Communications offers a range of services to help organizations bridge the AI expectation gap, including:  AI Engagement & Communications Strategy Development  Company Transformation Narrative Refresh  Executive Communications & Thought Leadership  Crisis & Issues Preparedness Plan Updates  AI Narrative Workshops & Storymaking  Executive AI PlatformOrganisations must act quickly to engage stakeholders with clear and compelling communication about AI. By bridging the expectation gap, companies can lead their employees and customers through a new era of AI-driven innovation and growth.

SourceCode unveils AI tool to maximize earned media impact

SourceCode has launched Amplify, an innovative AI-powered tool designed to extend the reach and effectiveness of positive press coverage.Traditionally, earned media success has been measured by the initial article or placement itself. Amplify goes beyond that. This tool utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze media placements and automatically generate additional content specifically tailored for various communication channels. This allows companies to leverage the power of positive press mentions across their entire communication strategy, maximizing its impact.Imagine using positive media coverage to boost employee morale through company-wide emails or social media posts highlighting the recognition. Amplify makes this a reality. Sales teams can create even more compelling content for prospect outreach, featuring media mentions that showcase the brand's value proposition. And for social media managers, Amplify can generate content specifically designed to broaden brand awareness, ensuring earned media coverage resonates across all social media platforms.By automating content creation based on media placements, Amplify tackles a significant challenge for PR professionals: maximizing the return on investment (ROI) from earned media efforts. "Our goal is to ensure each piece of positive press coverage acts as the catalyst for a comprehensive communication strategy," explains Kevin Dulaney, Executive VP and the creator of Amplify.SourceCode isn't just offering Amplify as a tool, they're already using it to benefit their clients. They understand that every company's needs are unique, so they tailor the Amplify process to each client. Factors like the reputation of the media outlet and the messaging reach are considered to personalize the content generated by Amplify.With Amplify, companies can finally turn earned media mentions into a springboard for a strategic and impactful communication campaign, said Robert Tomkinson, CMO at TouchTunes, a current user of Amplify.

Baidu PR chief is sorry for workaholic comments

Qu Jing, head of public relations at China's search giant Baidu, issued an apology after sparking outrage with comments glorifying extreme work hours.In videos on Douyin (China's TikTok), Qu dismissed responsibility for employee well-being and threatened to punish those who complained. "I'm not your mother," she said.Her remarks fueled debate about China's infamous "996" work culture (9 am to 9 pm, six days a week). This follows similar comments from Alibaba founder Jack Ma, who called it a "blessing."Qu claimed her dedication was so intense, she didn't know her son's grade level. She also said working weekends and constant phone availability were expected in PR.Baidu has remained silent on the issue. But Qu apologized, stating her views weren't Baidu's and she regretted causing a misunderstanding."I will learn from this and improve communication, while prioritizing colleague well-being," she wrote.The incident has ignited heated discussions on Chinese social media platform Weibo. Chinese social media platform Weibo has seen heated discussion over the incident in the past few days.This was one of the comments: "As the company's vice-president, [Ms Qu] should have known that her comments and attitude would disgust her subordinates, yet she went ahead to make them public. This speaks of how out-of-touch she is."

Redhill celebrates 10th anniversary with ESOP

Redhill, a Singapore-headquartered communication services agency, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the launch of a new Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This programme prioritizes employee engagement and invests in their long-term success.The ESOP, effective May 1, 2024, grants stock ownership to all current employees with at least three years of service. This initiative reflects Redhill's commitment to empowering its team and fostering a sense of shared ownership. "As we celebrate this milestone, rewarding our employees who have been on this journey with us is a top priority," said Manisha Seewal, Redhill's president. With over 200 team members across 20 countries, Redhill's international presence is a testament to its remarkable growth. The ESOP program reinforces their position as a global leader in communications and signifies their belief in the power of a collaborative workforce. Seewal said that the ESOP plan is a strategic move to attract and retain top talent, solidifying Redhill's position as a truly global communications agency.This employee-centric move comes on the heels of Redhill's acquisition of Vision Strategy Storytelling (VS Story) in 2022. VS Story strengthens Redhill's sustainability offerings, allowing them to meet the evolving needs of their clients.Redhill provides PR, strategy, design, technology, and marketing services to companies across the world.

Why storytelling still reigns supreme in PR?

While technology is booming, storytelling remains an enduring superpower in the realm of public relations (PR). A staggering 88% of PR professionals consider it the cornerstone of successful campaigns, as it enables brands to forge emotional connections with their audience and is the magic ingredient that imbues promotional messages with meaning and resonance. This insight comes from the most recent report, Emerging Dynamics in Public Relations, by W7Worldwide, a marketing consultancy based in Saudi Arabia.PR professionals should leverage digital technology and cultivate robust connections with their audiences. Embracing this proactive strategy is essential for navigating the ongoing transformation of the industry, characterized by the digital age, an intricate media environment, and diverse consumer behaviors. Relying mostly on media outreach and crisis management has become pointless. Today's PR landscape requires fostering two-way communication, organic outreach, and evolving audience engagement. Recognizing this shift, the report highlights the significant changes in PR strategies brought about by the digital revolution. The emphasis has moved from building general connections with media to delivering targeted, audience-specific content. Modern digital PR now encompasses a broader spectrum, including influencer relations, social media management, branding, and strategic communications.The power of AIThe report further explores the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in PR. AI integration is revolutionizing the industry, opening up new frontiers for creativity and efficiency. PR professionals are keenly aware of AI's potential, with a recent survey revealing that 20% saw it as a major trend redefining the industry.W7Worldwide report highlights the necessity of extensive learning and adaptation to successfully navigate this ever-evolving landscape. PR professionals must embrace new tools and technologies, develop the skills to wield them responsibly, stay informed about emerging trends, and commit to lifelong learning. They must also recognize the power of social media and influencers as key players in crafting impactful PR campaignsReaching the Audience Reaching target audiences in a congested digital landscape is a major challenge for public relations professionals. They need to differentiate themselves from rivals by offering promotions that no one else is offering.Storytelling with an emphasis on originality, relevance, and timeliness; using data and visions to spot opportunities and threats; and measuring the efficacy of PR campaigns were among the methods outlined in the report as ways to get over this roadblock.There had never been a media relations crisis like the COVID-19 epidemic. The report delves into the ways PR professionals rose to the challenge, using cutting-edge tactics like social media, video calls, and podcasts to forge new communication channels with journalists. These alternate approaches proved invaluable in maintaining effective communication amid social separation and lockdowns.Demonstrating ROIWith increased scrutiny on PR budgets, proving the tangible value of campaigns is crucial. The report underscores the importance of providing clear, measurable results that showcase the contribution of PR to business success and goal achievement. By quantifying the impact of PR efforts, professionals can justify budgets and secure continued investment.Sustainability StorytellingMoving ahead, the report stresses the importance of sustainability storytelling, recommending that public relations experts use engaging stories and statistics to highlight a company's eco-friendly endeavors and long-term sustainability objectives. Highlighting the impact of these efforts enhances brand recognition and resonates with eco-conscious audiences. Additionally, the report emphasizes the crucial role of data analysis in optimizing content, targeting audiences, measuring performance, and boosting online presence through SEO and social media strategies.Promising LandscapeThe research concludes with expressing optimism about the future of Saudi Arabia's PR industry. With an anticipated 7.87% growth rate from 2023 to 2028, reaching a projected market size of $2.03 billion by 2028, the digital media offers promising opportunities for the future of the industry. The key lies in striking a balance between traditional and digital approaches, enabling PR professionals in Saudi Arabia to develop effective and impactful strategies.

Vigor Media bags PR mandate for Easy Solar Solutions Pvt. Limited

Vigor Media Worldwide, a renowned global media agency, has won the Public Relations (PR) mandate for Easy Solar Solutions Pvt. Limited (Easy Solar), a leading firm offering a range of Solar and LED products in India. The agency will leverage its experience and industry knowledge to position Easy Solar as a key player in the renewable energy sector.Vigor MediaWorldwide won the prestigious account after an aggressive multi-agency pitch followed by a competitive bidding process. The partnership highlights Vigor Media Worldwide's expertise in PR and communication strategies. The agency will work closely with Easy Solar to develop and implement strategic communication frameworks aimed at enhancing the company's brand visibility and reputation.The mandate for Easy Solar will be handled by the Delhi headoffice of Vigor Media Worldwide with the support from its proficient and dedicated team along with its dynamic national and global associates for greater visibility and strong positioning of the brand among targeted segments.Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Lokesh Vats, Director, Easy Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. said, "We are delighted to collaborate with Vigor Media Worldwide. With their extensive experience in media and communication, we are confident they will significantly enhance our stakeholder engagement. Easy Solar is dedicated to delivering innovative solar solutions that adhere to the highest standards of excellence."Expressing enthusiasm about the collaboration, Mr. Nikhil Singhal, Founder, Vigor Media Worldwide said, “We are excited and proud to be associated with Easy Solar, which has pioneered a series of innovations in the renewable energy segment. We look forward to implementing strategic initiatives for Brand Endorsement and Image Enhancement that will further strengthen Easy Solar's position in the market."A 100% Solar Company, Easy Solar focuses entirely on solar and its applications, with a strong emphasis on research and development for user-friendly solutions. The company's dedication to excellence has been recognized by thousands of customers across India and the world.Vigor Media Worldwide is a renowned global media agency with cross-sectoral expertise spanning Real Estate, Education, Lifestyle, FMCG, Hospitality, Healthcare, Technology, Security, Consulting, and other sectors. The agency's client portfolio includes top-of-the-line brands in the industry with recurring association over the years. Vigor Media Worldwide excels in strategic communication processes that foster mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their target audiences. By promoting clients and their offerings on multiple platforms, the company ensures comprehensive brand visibility and engagement.

Navigating reputation management in the era of AI: Hardik Desai, Adfactors PR

Authored by Hardik Desai, Vice President, Adfactors PRIn today's digitally interconnected world, where the velocity of information dissemination rivals the speed of light and public perceptions are formed in mere moments, the practice of reputation management has emerged as a cornerstone for individuals and enterprises alike. With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), the landscape of reputation management has undergone a profound transformation, presenting both unprecedented opportunities and unique challengesLet's delve into how AI is reshaping the landscape of reputation management.AI-powered Sentiment Analysis: One of the most significant contributions of AI to reputation management is sentiment analysis. AI algorithms can sift through vast amounts of data, including social media posts, online reviews, and news articles, to gauge public sentiment towards a brand or individual. By analyzing language patterns and contextual cues, AI can accurately assess whether the sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral. This invaluable insight enables organizations to swiftly address any negative sentiment and capitalize on positive feedback, thereby safeguarding and enhancing their reputation.Proactive Reputation Monitoring: AI-powered tools such as Brand24 or Locobuzz etc., allow businesses to monitor their online presence proactively. These tools can track mentions across various digital platforms in real-time, alerting organizations to emerging issues or trends that may impact their reputation. By staying ahead of the curve, businesses can promptly address any potential reputational threats before they escalate, demonstrating their commitment to transparency and responsiveness.Predictive Insights: AI-driven predictive analytics offer invaluable insights into future reputation-related trends and scenarios. By analyzing historical data and identifying patterns, AI algorithms can forecast potential reputation risks and opportunities, allowing organizations to formulate proactive strategies to mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities. Whether it's predicting consumer preferences, anticipating market trends, or forecasting potential crises, AI equips businesses with the foresight needed to stay ahead of the curve in reputation management.However, as with any technological advancement, the integration of AI in reputation management raises ethical considerations. The manipulation of public opinion or suppression of dissenting voices using AI algorithms can undermine trust and authenticity, leading to long-term repercussions for businesses. It's imperative for organizations to prioritize transparency, accountability, and ethical practices when leveraging AI for reputation management, ensuring alignment with their values and resonance with their audience.Navigating Ethical Considerations:While AI offers unprecedented capabilities for fortifying and safeguarding reputations, it also brings forth significant ethical considerations:Mitigating Deepfake Risks: The proliferation of deepfake technology poses a substantial reputational risk, facilitating the dissemination of hyper-realistic fabricated content that can tarnish the image of individuals and organizations. It is imperative for practitioners to adopt robust measures to combat the spread of misinformation and preserve the integrity of their reputations.Addressing Algorithmic Bias: PR professionals must remain vigilant about algorithmic biases inherent in automated decision-making processes, which could perpetuate unfair treatment or discriminatory outcomes, thereby intensifying reputational harm. It is incumbent upon practitioners to implement safeguards to mitigate bias and uphold principles of fairness and equity.Upholding Data Privacy: AI-driven data collection raises profound privacy concerns, necessitating adherence to stringent regulations and ethical frameworks to safeguard individuals' privacy rights. Practitioners must prioritize data privacy and adopt robust measures to ensure compliance with regulations while maintaining trust and transparency with stakeholders.In conclusion, AI is revolutionizing reputation management by offering unprecedented insights, proactive monitoring, personalized strategies and predictive analytics. However, ethical considerations must be paramount to safeguard trust and authenticity. It is incumbent upon practitioners to navigate the ethical considerations with utmost diligence and integrity, ensuring that AI is leveraged responsibly to foster trust and authenticity in an increasingly interconnected world.DISCLAIMER: The views expressed are solely of the author and does not necessarily subscribe to it.

Bhawna Sharma Ningthoujam elevated to Director of Communication for WDI

In a remarkable career leap, Bhawna Sharma Ningthoujam has ascended to the position of Director of Communication for India at Western Digital, marking a significant milestone in her professional journey.With an extensive background spanning over 15 years in prominent PR agencies, Bhawna ventured into Western Digital in September 2019, embracing the dynamic realm of data infrastructure. Now, she stands poised to spearhead Strategic Communications and social media endeavors for Western Digital's esteemed brands in India, including SanDisk, WD, Western Digital, SanDisk Professional, and WD_BLACK.Expressing her exhilaration on LinkedIn, Bhawna Sharma Ningthoujam conveyed, "Having an incredible time filled with joy, growth, opportunities, and recognition at Western Digital. I am super thrilled to begin an exciting new chapter as Director of Communication for India."As she embarks on this new chapter, Bhawna's wealth of experience and innovative vision promise to invigorate Western Digital's communication strategies, amplifying its presence and impact in the Indian market. Her appointment underscores Western Digital's commitment to fostering top-tier talent and driving forward-thinking communication practices in the digital landscape.

GreyMatters to Amplify Daakia's media & digital presence with AI integration

GreyMatters Communications & Consulting has won the prestigious mandate for scaling up the media and digital media presence of Daakia Private Limited, an innovative AI-powered technology start-up, working on providing secure digital communications."Daakia" is a first-of-its-kind super app for social & business communication, providing a single stop solution for end-to-end encrypted chat & call, audio/video conference, social media and translation services. It is a cross-platform web and mobile solution to make collaboration and communication easy and effective; be it at office, home or on the go.Daakia Private Limited was founded on the belief that having a trusted communication platform is an essential aspect of our daily life and should not be complex. With the vast language barrier existing in India and globally, the platform aims to be intuitive and provide real time communication in user's regional language, for which a patent is also granted to the startup.Animesh Kumar, Founder & CEO, Daakia said, “We are excited to be joining hands with India’s leading PR agency at a critical stage in Daakia’s life. GreyMatters Communications is distinguished for carving out a specialised presence in the public relations, digital communications and social media. We are privileged to be getting an opportunity to leverage and build on GreyMatters' wealth of professional experience and its dedicated team."On winning the prestigious mandate, founder Director, GreyMatters Communications & Consulting, Dr Navneet Anand said, “It gives us immense pride that Daakia has partnered with us for scaling up its media and digital media presence. The mandate is immensely gratifying and adds to our record of partnerships with technology and start up companies. It gives momentum to our relentless pursuit of excellence for 14 years in the field of communications services. Startups are at the core of India’s turnaround story globally and we are glad to partner with one such company, that is youthful, purpose driven, values laden and determined to redefine the digital communications landscape.”Daakia is a composite, first of its kind, Cross Platform Mobile & Web Integrated Solution that enables seamless, effective communications. It offers Enterprise SaaS solutions for intra organization communication, video conference and translation platform. Daakia is aligned with the Government of India's 'Digital India' programme that aims to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge-based economy by ensuring digital access, digital inclusion, digital empowerment and bridging the digital divide.“Through innovations, Daakia constructs a personalised digital ecosystem, empowering individuals and businesses alike to collaborate effortlessly and manage their data requirements from anywhere, promoting digital parity and bridging social gaps. With Daakia, users no longer need to navigate between multiple apps, simplifying their digital experience,” Kumar said.GreyMatters Communications & Consulting is India’s leading communications advisory firm offering consulting in communications, media & social media, reputation, politics, policy advocacy and government affairs. Established in 2010, it is rated as among the best agencies for public affairs campaigns, advocacy, political communications, social media and public relations, among others.GreyMatters has worked with partners from Government, Corporate, MNCs, UN Agencies, NGOs, Rural Organisations, Political Actors & Political Parties, and independent organisations. The agency has worked in multiple verticals including agriculture, rural development, textiles, technology, healthcare, academic, infrastructure, biotech.

Sujit Patil on how Godrej Industries is winning the experiential engagement game

In the last 10 years, PR has taken a different dimension, especially after the entry of social media and the rapid shift to digital during the pandemic period. At the same time, the industry has been facing stiff challenges; moreover client expectations have also increased, with more emphasis being given to digital and online reputation management. The industry has undergone a radical shift and the current times have pushed the industry to change gears.In an exclusive interview with Adgully, Sujit Patil, VP & Head, Corporate Brand and Communications, Godrej Industries Ltd and Associated Companies, speaks at length about building the corporate brand and reputation, creating engaging experiences through the company’s homegrown property - Godrej L’Affaire, creating a positive digital safety net, and much more.How does Godrej L’Affaire serve as a strategic tool for Godrej Industries in enhancing its corporate brand image and reputation?Godrej L’Affaire has been a strategic tool for building our corporate brand and reputation. It is a brand-agnostic owned media platform of Godrej Industries Limited & Associated Companies (GILAC) that brings together brands in the lifestyle space to provide immersive experiences. It was conceptualized to celebrate nuances of lifestyle through experiential engagement with key opinion leaders, content creators, business partners, customers and people from the industry who matter. Through Godrej L’Affaire, we strive to craft experiential engagement, build a community of lifestyle aficionados, and weave a robust digital safety net for all the participating brands through authentic content. For instance, this year, our theme is ‘Goodness’. Hence, we would be creating experiential experiences around ‘All Things Goodness’, which, in a way, is conducive to our group’s reputation.Could you elaborate on how Godrej L’Affaire aligns with the overarching corporate communication goals and messaging of Godrej Industries?Our communication goals entail engaging with multiple internal and external stakeholders – employees, media, key opinion leaders, investors, business partners and consumers. Godrej L’Affaire is attended by a curated list of our stakeholders and provides them with an opportunity to experientially engage with our brands. A large participation by non-competing brands in the lifestyle space adds an element of lifestyle quotient to our brands. Celebrating lifestyle with like-minded brands helps us beautifully position ourselves in the lifestyle space. Because it is a multitude of brands, engagements & conversations and cross-pollination of ideas all put together and amplified using various media platforms, the impact is high. We believe these sort of engagements help build trust and a good reputation for us.How does Godrej L’Affaire contribute to fostering stronger relationships with stakeholders, including customers, partners, and the general public?We strongly believe that engaging with customers, partners, and the general public should be experiential. Our owned media property, L’Affaire, was launched to create meaningful conversations with stakeholders. When these stakeholders visit the Godrej campus and witness the magic of our products in terms of their purpose and the goodness they bring to people’s lives, it fosters strong relationships. Being on the ground enables them to meet our CEOs, brand managers, and the people behind the brands, thereby further strengthening the bonds.How does Godrej Industries utilize the platform Godrej L’Affaire as part of its crisis management strategy, particularly in terms of maintaining transparency, addressing concerns, and rebuilding trust in stakeholders during challenging times?We believe in the concept of creating a positive digital safety net. This means that we want to generate a lot of authentic, positive content for our corporate and brands based on experiences. This, we believe, helps build larger trust and positive disposition towards our brands. This certainly helps during any unfortunate adverse situation. This proactive approach is designed to mitigate any potential negative effects that might arise from a crisis. For all the activations at Godrej L’Affaire, we choose a transparent and meaningful approach for showcasing our products. We don’t make false claims or engage in ‘greenwashing’. Instead, we let people experience our products for themselves. This helps us to create an authentic and positive digital safety net.In what ways does Godrej L’Affaire facilitate the communication of Godrej Industries’ values, mission, and commitment to sustainability and social responsibility?When you arrive at the venue and explore the experiential zones of each brand, including external brands, the aim is not to have stalls where products are sold. Instead, the focus is on showcasing the real values and purpose of each brand. And this year’s overarching theme of ‘Goodness’ allows us to communicate our values, mission, and commitment to sustainability and social responsibility in a very effective way through an experiential engagement.Could you discuss the role of Godrej L’Affaire in strengthening internal communication within Godrej Industries and fostering employee engagement?This is an amazing opportunity where cross functional teams collaborate together. This is not only a passion project for the corporate brand and communications team, but also for the representatives of each of the brands involved. Each brand has around five to six representatives and their business heads and CEOs also get involved in creating the showcase of Godrej L’Affaire. This collaboration results in cross-learning, understanding, and empathy towards each other, which is very powerful. At the end, all this translates into an employer brand that fosters communication, collaboration, partnerships, and a positive environment within the organization.How does Godrej L’Affaire leverage digital platforms and social media channels to amplify its corporate communication efforts and reach a wider audience?For Godrej L’Affaire, almost 70% of our amplification is through digital platforms and social media channels. Therefore, we utilize almost every possible channel available. This includes content creators and their channels, as well as social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, hybrid and dark media, and everything in the realms of digital platforms that can be used as a medium to communicate an authentic story of all the participating brands. We are expecting about 30-plus brands, which will be showcasing experiential engagements at Godrej L’Affaire, thereby creating a blast of authentic content. This has always resulted in huge engagement and reach on social media.Could you share any specific corporate communication strategies or tactics employed during Godrej L’Affaire events to effectively engage attendees and promote brand awareness?The whole pretext of Godrej L’Affaire event is about engaging attendees and promoting brand awareness. Engagement takes place at multiple levels. Starting with teaser campaigns featuring the logos of all participants and what attendees can expect at the event, there are also numerous social media posts and PR activities, including a pre-event press release designed to create buzz and generate interest. There are three main ways to create buzz: pre, which includes a variety of media, digital media, shout-outs by participants, and shout-outs by participating brands. Radio is also leveraged to announce the event.Although it is invite-only, we create curiosity around what participants are going to see on-ground. Even the participating brands come and talk about their expectations from the evening soiree. The biggest amplification happens during the event, with live-tweeted content, Instagram stories, and Reels. There are also opportunities for people to take pictures and learn about the brand propositions.Each brand has a content creator assigned to them to create discerning stories and meaningful content. After the event, a lot of content is generated, including films and videos, that are packaged in a variety of formats, such as snackable videos, Instagram or bite-sized videos, and larger videos for YouTube. The communication strategy is designed to amplify the event using all types of communication modes available. This helps us create a buzz and brings out brand awareness. And it has been our experience that if brand nuances come out based on experiential engagement by content creators on-ground, that’s when real brand awareness happens, and meaningful conversation starts.How does Godrej L’Affaire integrate feedback and insights gathered from attendees and participants into its corporate communication strategy for future events?We generate a complete report that includes both qualitative and quantitative data. The report consists of various efficiency parameters that help us understand the experiences of the people attending the event. We gather feedback on what people liked and what they didn’t like, feedback from participating brands and our internal learning system. The best practices from all of this input and insight are collectively selected and then used to improve future events. We should keep in mind that our homegrown property, Godrej L’Affaire, did not have a benchmark six years ago when it was launched. However, with the continuous improvement process, the event has grown in size and value every year. This is because we use all the insights, we gather to understand what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided to make the event successful.What role does storytelling play in the corporate communication initiatives surrounding Godrej L’Affaire, and how does it contribute to building brand affinity and loyalty?As I mentioned earlier, storytelling is just a base. Through engaging experiences at Godrej L’Affaire, we are trying to tell a story. All the brands would be engaging in some manner.For instance, for one of our flagship brands – Good Knight, we are creating a ‘Circle of Protection’. It is a mosquito museum, wherein people can see different kind of mosquitoes, their life cycle, their impacts, and what actions we as an entity are taking to combat malaria and dengue in villages through our program EMBED (Elimination of Mosquito Borne Endemic Diseases). We are doing this through an informative and experiential zone, where guests can enjoy an artistic depiction of vector varietals, their life cycles and experience the mosquito menace in a lifestyle space. While a mosquito might not be a glamorous protagonist, the zone promises to be both educational and captivating.It is all about creating lasting impact in people’s minds as they visit zones across the venue. This, in turn, helps create brand affinity by providing personal experiences and filling gaps in knowledge.We will also be showcasing other products such as perfumes and automobiles, demonstrating their value and how they contribute to sustainability. Through an authentic approach and experiential engagement, we hope to create brand loyalty and affinity.

The Reputation Economy: The Role of Public Relations

Authored by Anindita Gupta, Founder, Scenic CommunicationIn today's interconnected world, reputation is everything. Whether you're an individual or a business, your reputation can make or break you. In the digital age, where information travels at the speed of light, managing your reputation has never been more critical. This is where public relations (PR) comes into play. The reputation economy refers to a system where the value of individuals, organizations, or brands is largely determined by their reputation and how they are perceived by others. In this economy, reputation serves as a form of currency, influencing decisions, relationships, and opportunities. With the rise of social media and online platforms, information about people and businesses is more accessible than ever before, making reputation management increasingly important. In the reputation economy, trust, credibility, and goodwill are highly prized assets that can impact everything from consumer behavior and business partnerships to career advancement and social standing. As a result, individuals and organizations must actively cultivate and protect their reputations to thrive in this competitive environment.Public relations is all about managing the relationship between an individual, organization, or brand and its publics. It involves crafting and disseminating the right messages to the right audience at the right time to shape perceptions and maintain a positive reputation.In the reputation economy, where trust is currency, PR plays a crucial role in building and safeguarding reputations. Here's how:1. Building Trust: Trust is the foundation of any relationship, be it personal or professional. PR professionals work tirelessly to build trust with stakeholders by communicating transparently, authentically, and consistently. Through strategic communication efforts, they showcase the values, integrity, and credibility of their clients, earning the trust and confidence of their audiences.2. Managing Crises: In today's 24/7 news cycle and social media-driven world, a crisis can escalate within minutes, wreaking havoc on a brand's reputation. PR practitioners are trained to handle crises swiftly and effectively, implementing crisis communication plans to mitigate damage, restore trust, and protect the brand's reputation. By responding promptly, taking responsibility, and communicating openly, PR professionals can help organizations weather the storm and emerge stronger.3. Enhancing Visibility: In a crowded marketplace, standing out from the competition is essential. PR helps clients cut through the noise and capture the attention of their target audience. Through media relations, social media management, influencer partnerships, and thought leadership initiatives, PR professionals increase visibility, amplify brand messaging, and position their clients as industry leaders and trusted authorities.4. Engaging Stakeholders: In today's interconnected world, stakeholders have more power and influence than ever before. PR practitioners understand the importance of engaging with stakeholders regularly, listening to their feedback, addressing their concerns, and involving them in decision-making processes. By fostering meaningful relationships with stakeholders, PR professionals can build loyalty, advocacy, and support for their clients, strengthening their reputation in the long run.5. Measuring Impact: In the reputation economy, readership and total visit are the king. PR professionals help to create brand awareness and brand value. We plan thew media strategy considering total visit and readership of particular media so that the information can reach the large number of audiences and the demographic. PR practitioners use these insights to assess the effectiveness of their strategies, identify areas for improvement, and demonstrate the value they bring to their clients.In conclusion, in the reputation economy, where trust and credibility are paramount, public relations play a pivotal role in shaping perceptions, managing reputations, and driving success. By investing in strategic PR efforts, individuals, organizations, and brands can build strong relationships with their stakeholders, enhance their visibility, and maintain a positive reputation in today's competitive landscape.

PR Professionals Secures Digital Media Mandate for HUDCO

PR Professionals, flagship of the PRP Group has recently clinched the digital media mandate for Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited (HUDCO), India’s top public sector company specializing in housing finance and infrastructure project finance. The scope of the mandate encompasses the strategic management and expansion of HUDCO's digital media presence across platforms.The mandate reinforces PR Professionals as the country’s leading communications agency for the infrastructure segment. Known for its client-centric approach and value-driven strategies, the agency boasts an impressive portfolio, serving notable clients for public relations and digital media such as National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC), Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA), Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation (IRSDC), and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), Uttar Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRCL), Patna Metro, Rodic Consultants, Systra, RAILTECH, CIDCO, Rapid Metro, Gurgaon, among others.Expressing his happiness about the new partnership, Dr Sarvesh Tiwari, Founder & Managing Director of PR Professionals, said, “We are thrilled to collaborate with HUDCO and extend our expertise in enhancing their digital footprint. HUDCO’s contribution towards infrastructure development in the country has been phenomenal, and we are proud and equally honored to become a part of their journey.”PR Professionals is an integrated communications firm that has been delivering quality and excellence since 2011 and has also initiated several philanthropic activities. It provides end-to-end branding and customized public relations solutions that enable businesses to become market leaders. From humble beginnings, PRP today has 12 offices in India and six offices in offshore locations. The 150-member team shares Tiwari's passion for doing extraordinary things in PR and making a difference to the underprivileged through philanthropic activities.

NewsGuard unveils misinformation monitoring service for brands

NewsGuard, the leading provider of news reliability data and machine-readable false narratives for reputation management, public relations, and media monitoring companies, has announced a “Custom Brand Misinformation Monitoring” service for brands that protects them beyond traditional media monitoring capabilities.NewsGuard’s Custom Brand Misinformation Monitoring service provides early warnings and tracking of provably false narratives related to a brand, with analysis culminating in a NewsGuard report providing brands with a detailed assessment of the claim by an independent, accountable journalism organization that can be used publicly to debunk a false narrative. NewsGuard’s independent research debunks provably false information and provides stakeholders with accurate, transparent, and evidence-backed insights to defend brand reputation.“It’s no longer enough for communications executives to have media monitoring tools summarize sentiment and coverage of their brands online,” said Steven Brill, (pictured above), co-CEO at NewsGuard. “They also need the ability to track new threats from across the open web and have access to an independent rebuttal done with the highest journalistic standards and full transparency. NewsGuard’s Custom Misinformation Monitoring Service gives communications executives early warnings about potential misinformation, provides real-time reports of emerging harmful narratives, and delivers transparent and accountable debunkings of false claims designed to be cited including publicly as part of communications responses.”NewsGuard provides PR teams with independent, factual information when brand misinformation spreads onlineBrill added that the new service should not be confused with more conventional public relations advocacy. “NewsGuard will not be relevant,” he explained, “in a situation where a company believes, even rightfully, that it has been the subject of public criticism that is a matter of opinion or policy debate. In these situations, the company may have good reason to seek help in challenging the legitimacy of such arguments or the credentials of its advocates. But that is not a service NewsGuard provides. Rather, this service is limited to addressing the new and increasingly widespread phenomenon of provably false narratives attacking companies and brands and to providing up to the minute warnings and information about the disinformation campaigns behind them.”“One well-known example from the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic is the totally unfounded attacks on telecommunications companies in the U.S. and Europe, claiming that 5G technology was the cause of the virus,” added NewsGuard co-CEO Gordon Crovitz. “We determined that these fabricated claims, which led to violent attacks against telecommunications employees, were pushed by Kremlin propagandists because Russia was behind in developing the technology and wanted to discredit it. Today, that kind of one-off attack on a commercial product is becoming a near-daily occurrence, plaguing retailers, packaged goods companies, healthcare providers, financial services firms, and all other varieties of brands, undermining them and reducing the trust required for the smooth functioning of free markets.”Round-the-Clock Protection“Using NewsGuard’s proprietary and ever-expanding list of known bad actors and our unique misinformation expertise, NewsGuard’s Custom Brand Misinformation Monitoring service monitors and detects when mentions of a brand spike among known bad actors on social media and the open web, yielding instant alerts and then detailed debunks,” said Sarah Brandt, EVP Partnerships at NewsGuard. “This service provides brands with round-the-clock alerts, adding a new level of protection for brands as well as providing detailed explanations and debunks of false claims made in targeted misinformation attacks.”

PRtainment Media Partners with Nabhi Sutra as Official PR Ally

PRtainment Media, a leading PR agency in India, proudly announces its appointment as the official PR partner for Nabhi Sutra. It is a renowned brand that has made a significant mark in the wellness industry since its inception in 2019. This collaboration signifies a strategic alliance to enhance Nabhi Sutra's brand visibility and communication efforts. As the official PR partner for Nabhi Sutra, PRtainment Media & Communications is committed to using its expertise in media relations, strategic communications, and brand building to elevate Nabhi Sutra's presence.  Nidhi Sabbarwal Director and Co-founder of PRtainment Media and Communications PL expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership by stating, “We are honored to be chosen as Nabhi Sutra's PR partner. The brand's commitment to wellness and innovation resonates with our values, and we are excited to contribute to their journey of making a meaningful impact. Together, we aim to amplify the brand's narrative and connect with audiences on a deeper level.” The brand, Nabhi Sutra recently showcased its products on Shark Tank India Season 3, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship. The brand's appearance on the esteemed platform has further solidified its position as a leader in the wellness industry.  Swati Vakharia, the Founder of Nabhi Sutra expresses her enthusiasm by stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with PRtainment Media & Communications. This partnership aligns perfectly with our vision to positively impact people's lives through our wellness solutions. With the support of PRtainment, we look forward to reaching new heights and sharing our mission with a broader audience.” This partnership marks a significant milestone for PRtainment Media & Communications and Nabhi Sutra, setting the stage for collaborative success in the dynamic world of wellness and media.

Vigor Media Wins PR Mandate for Alstone, Cladding Solutions Pioneer

Vigor Media Worldwide, a renowned global media agency, has won the Public Relations (PR) mandate for Alstone. A leading metal composite brand in the country, Alstone is the foremost manufacturer of High-Pressure Laminate (HPL), Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP), Aluminium Louvers, and Aluminium Honeycomb in India.This partnership reflects Vigor Media Worldwide's expertise in PR and communication. With its legacy of trust and successful ventures, Alstone has emerged as a brand synonymous with excellence in the architectural solutions industry. Specialising in creating high-impact design statements with spectacular and long-lasting architecture, Alstone has redefined the cladding segment.Expressing his enthusiasm about this partnership, Mr. Nikhil Singhal, Founder, Vigor Media Worldwide, said, "We are pleased to join hands with Alstone, known for its exclusive range of exterior and interior solutions. Our goal is to highlight Alstone’s innovative products and its position in the industry as a trendsetter."Mr. Sumit Gupta, Managing Director, Alstone Manufacturing Pvt. Limited, said, "We are delighted to take Vigor Media Worldwide on-board for our PR needs. With their expertise and strategic approach, we are confident that this collaboration will strengthen our brand presence and help us reach new heights.”Alstone has its state-of-the-art production facilities in Dehradun (India) and Dubai to cater to Indian and international markets. They have their in-house high tech modern coating line to help us to deliver precise, customized products along with timely delivery under expert supervision. Alstone pioneered metal- based HPL, A2 Grade Non-Combustible Panels, and metal-based Louvers in India.Vigor Media Worldwide is known for its cross-sectoral expertise spanning various industries, including Real Estate, Education, Lifestyle, FMCG, Hospitality, Healthcare, Technology, Security, Consulting, and many more. The agency's client portfolio includes top-of-the-line brands in the industry.

OpenAI unveils Sora which can create instant videos

OpenAI has unveiled Sora, its text-to-video model. Sora can generate realistic and imaginative scenes from text instructions.The AI model can create videos up to a minute long while maintaining visual quality and adherence to the user’s prompt. OpenAI announced that Sora is able to generate complex scenes with multiple characters, specific types of motion, and accurate details of the subject and background. The model understands not only what the user has asked for in the prompt, but also how those things exist in the physical world. Regarding weakness, the company stated: “Simulating complex interactions between objects and multiple characters is often challenging for the model, sometimes resulting in humorous generations.”“We’ll be engaging policymakers, educators and artists around the world to understand their concerns and to identify positive use cases for this new technology. Despite extensive research and testing, we cannot predict all of the beneficial ways people will use our technology, nor all the ways people will abuse it. That’s why we believe that learning from real-world use is a critical component of creating and releasing increasingly safe AI systems over time,” said OpenAI in a post.The featured image above is the screenshot of this prompt given: A stylish woman walks down a Tokyo street filled with warm glowing neon and animated city signage. She wears a black leather jacket, a long red dress, and black boots, and carries a black purse. She wears sunglasses and red lipstick. She walks confidently and casually. The street is damp and reflective, creating a mirror effect of the colorful lights. Many pedestrians walk about.

Media Mantra undergoes strategic expansion with 100+ new hires

Media Mantra, India’s leading independent PR and integrated communications firm, is set to embark on a transformative journey with a strategic workforce expansion initiative that will witness the addition of 100+ new employees. This expansion will allow the company to meet growing demand from clients and solidify its position as a leading PR and communications provider in India.Media Mantra, founded in 2012, has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade while maintaining its commitment to providing top-tier strategic communications counsel. The company, headquartered in Gurugram with additional offices in Bangalore and Mumbai, currently employs over 150 PR and communications professionals. And the latest announcement, poised to augment its existing workforce by over 100 professionals, is aimed at bolstering capabilities, contributing to sustained growth, and achieving strategic objectives.Udit Pathak, Founder and Director of Media Mantra Group, underscores the significance of this move, stating, “Over the past few years, we have significantly expanded our capabilities to offer fully integrated communications solutions beyond traditional public relations practices. And our expansion is a reflection of our commitment to delivering unparalleled services to our diverse clientele. It aligns with our vision of being at the forefront of innovation in PR and integrated communications. It will also strengthen our integrated capabilities, making us the ideal partner to help companies and brands shape opinions and experiences in the modern world.”Pooja Pathak, Founder and Director of Media Mantra Group, emphasised on the broader impact on the firm’s reputation and client satisfaction, saying, “Our people are everything at Media Mantra. We owe our success to our fantastic team, and we are thrilled to be growing that team substantially this year. This strategic expansion is not merely an addition to our workforce; it's a reinforcement of our commitment to excellence. These new hires will allow us to take our services to the next level and continue pioneering new communications techniques to drive real results for our clients, elevating their confidence and trust.”The 100+ new hires will include positions at all levels across departments ranging from account management, content creation, media relations, creative services, etc. Media Mantra is seeking top talent from India’s best PR, communications and journalism programmes to fill these roles.The strategic vision extends beyond numerical growth, as highlighted by Rekha Gehani, People and Culture Leader at Media Mantra. “With this expansion, we are gearing up for the next chapter of our journey. Our emphasis is not just on numbers but on cultivating a workplace culture that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration. We believe that investing in our people is an investment in our continued success. We aim to leverage our experience and expertise to enhance our position as counsellors and collaborators to India’s biggest brands and organisations,” she said.As Media Mantra gears up for this ambitious expansion, it reiterates its commitment to innovation, client satisfaction, and industry leadership.

TERI partners with Kaizzen for World Sustainable Development Summit 2024

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) partnered with Kaizzen, a leading integrated communications agency, has partnered with to curate the media and social media outreach for the upcoming World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) 2023 to be held at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi in February.The 23rd edition annual flagship event of the not-for-profit, policy research organization is scheduled to be held from 7th February to 9th February 2024. WSDS 2024 will focus on the umbrella theme: ‘Leadership for Sustainable Development and Climate Justice’.Speaking on the occasion, Dr Shailly Kedia, Senior Fellow and Associate Director, TERI said, “We are living in a time of Polycrisis. Key challenges confronting the world include planetary crises, sliding back of key sustainable development goals and the ever-growing conflict situation threatening world peace. It is more important than ever that environment stewardship is promoted at all levels and across all spheres. Today’s challenges for attaining sustainable development are complex and interconnected and will need everyone to work towards creating a more sustainable future. With this backdrop, the umbrella theme of the World Sustainable Development Summit 2024 is: Leadership for Sustainable Development and Climate Justice.”Sharing views on the association, Vineet Handa, CEO, Kaizzen, said, “WSDS (World Sustainability Development Summit) by TERI over the years has established itself as the most impactful and prominent summit on sustainability and environment around the globe. Key opinion leaders from across the globe share their vision on this platform which has had a clear impact on creating momentum towards impactful policy change. Relevance of all the topics deliberated during these summits are of immense importance for mankind and therefore it is a matter of pride for Kaizzen to continuously partner with WSDS for this flagship event.”

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Media launches Horizon documentary on Netflix

Konoz, an initiative of the Saudi Ministry of Media’s Center for Government Communication, launched “Horizon”, a new documentary documenting the Kingdom’s rich biodiversity and natural resources. Produced in collaboration with the National Center for Wildlife, the documentary is currently streaming on Netflix.The film, the latest production of the Konoz Initiative, aims to raise awareness of Saudi Arabia’s species richness and biodiversity and its distinctive geographical areas, and highlights the leading efforts exerted by the Kingdom to protect wildlife, preserve rare species, and acquaint the world with its various rich resources. The documentary showcases Saudi Arabia’s picturesque nature, its diverse plant and animal life, and the abundant riches of its lands.Commenting on the release, H.E. Minister of Media, Mr. Salman bin Yousef Al-Dosari, said: “Horizon is a new documentary designed to showcase and acquaint the world with the secrets and richness of Saudi Arabia’s wildlife.The documentary provides a visual journey into the Kingdom’s wide variety of fungal organisms in their natural habitats, such as plains, mountains, valleys, and vast sea. Viewers will enjoy learning about the variety of animal populations, such as the dugong, dolphins, Arabian leopards, deer and oryx species. They will also be given a glimpse into the Kingdom’s unique biodiversity, varied terrains, regions, and different climates, which nurture the harmonious coexistence between more than 10,000 species, each of which have made unique adaptations to thrive in their specific environments.Through “Horizon”, viewers will embark on a visual journey across five elements: marine ecosystems, mountains, deserts, humans and nature, and will be swept off into the future, to learn about the prospects for the Kingdom's environmental wealth.Mohammed Qurban, CEO of the National Center for Wildlife, underscored the importance of this joint project produced in collaboration between the National Center for Wildlife and the Ministry of Media, which documents the various animal species across the Kingdom.He said: “This documentary reflects Saudi Arabia’s diligent efforts towards restoring terrestrial and marine ecosystems, supporting biodiversity, expanding protected areas, as well as nurturing endangered species in controlled environments and reintroducing them into their natural habitats. This would enhance ecological balance and achieve sustainability.”

The rise of AI in PR: Transformative technologies shaping the industry

Authored By: Anindita Gupta, Co-Founder, Scenic CommunicationThe fabric of communication has undergone a profound change with the rise of new technologies, particularly the internet and social media. In the world of Public Relations (PR), responsible for shaping how companies communicate with the public, these changes are strikingly evident. Gone are the days when PR predominantly relied on traditional channels like newspapers, TV, and radio; the present landscape is dominated by the internet and social media. Adapting to this transformative shift, PR professionals must not only embrace but also master these new platforms, redefining their approaches to connecting with people.Revolutionizing CommunicationThe way we communicate has changed a lot because of new technology, like the internet and social media. In Public Relations (PR), where people manage how companies talk to the public, these changes are noticeable. Before, PR mainly used things like newspapers, TV, and radio. But now, the internet and social media are taking over. PR folks need to learn how to use these new platforms and ways of talking to people. It's a big change, and it means they must figure out new ways to reach people and keep up with how quickly information spreads online.The Rise of AI in PRAI has stepped into the PR field, and a survey found that nearly 67.8% of PR professionals are already making use of AI in their work. This growing relationship between AI and PR underlines the importance of comprehending how AI is being used and the impact it's causing. While AI's integration into PR will introduce changes, it doesn't necessarily signify negative outcomes. If harnessed effectively, AI can serve as an asset for PR professionals, offering new ways to enhance their work and strategies.Efficiency, and Enhancing Communication StrategiesOne big change is that AI is handling tasks that used to be boring and took up a lot of time. This means PR pros need to learn new things or get better at what they already know to keep up in this changing field. The importance of critical thinking, being flexible, editing, and telling stories well has been underlined in The State of PR Technology 2023 report AI brings many benefits to PR. It's great at automating boring tasks, saving a lot of time and money. It also helps analyze big amounts of data fast, giving important info for making decisions. AI is awesome at figuring out exactly who your audience is, making communication more personal and effective. Plus, in a crisis, AI can check social media and news quickly, letting PR folks know if there's trouble and helping them respond fast. AI-powered chatbots and virtual helpers also make customers happier by giving personalized help, making the whole experience better.Promise and Perils of AI in PRWhile the integration of AI in PR brings undeniable benefits, it also raises legitimate concerns. A significant apprehension stems from AI systems potentially struggling to comprehend emotions or express empathy, posing challenges in the establishment of meaningful relationships. Privacy issues, biases, and the dissemination of inaccurate information further fuel concerns, influencing the level of trust people place in AI-driven content. The fear of job displacement for PR professionals looms as AI seamlessly performs tasks, potentially reducing the demand for human intervention. Additionally, an overreliance on technology raises the specter of stifling creativity, intuition, and human judgment—critical elements in the dynamic field of PR. The omnipresent risk of AI errors leading to mistakes in PR campaigns, and consequently, tarnishing a company's reputation, adds another layer of caution to the adoption of this advancing technology."Conclusion:AI is like a helpful sidekick to PR experts. It gives them important info and tools they need. But remember, human skills are still super important. It's a monumental change, demanding quick adaptation to the swift and widespread dissemination of information online, and fostering a need for innovative strategies to engage with audiences in this dynamic digital age. PR pros take the info from AI and figure out what it means for their own brand and what's happening in their industry. They use their own experiences to make smart choices and build relationships. Think of AI as an assistant—it makes things easier, but humans are the bosses. It helps PR work go faster, but it's human judgment that makes the final decisions and creates strong connections. DISCLAIMER: The views expressed are solely of the author and does not necessarily subscribe to it.

Minus Zero joins forces with The Media Manifest as its Official Comm Partner

Minus Zero, a Bengaluru-based artificial intelligence startup specializing in the development of self-driving vehicles, proudly announces its strategic partnership with The Media Manifest, a leading PR agency renowned for its innovative communication strategies. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for Minus Zero in fortifying its communication strategies and amplifying its presence in the autonomous driving industry.The Media Manifest will oversee Minus Zero's PR presence. Through this partnership, the agency aims to ensure effective communication of Minus Zero's groundbreaking advancements and contributions to the future of mobility. Founded in 2021, Minus Zero has recently unveiled the zPod, India’s first autonomous vehicle. According to the company, Minus Zero positions itself as a technology provider. Its goal is to offer its advanced autonomous driving technology to other manufacturers, aiding in enhancing their Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) suite.Nupur Maheshwari, Co-Founder of The Media Manifest, expressed excitement, saying: "Joining forces with Minus Zero presents an exciting opportunity for The Media Manifest to contribute to the narrative of cutting-edge technology in the mobility sector. We look forward to leveraging our communication expertise to amplify Minus Zero's impact and drive the conversation around the future of autonomous vehicles.”The Media Manifest is a boutique Public Relations and Digital Media agency, founded by Kinjal Shah and Nupur Maheshwari in 2021. Having a focused approach in the new age space, TMM offers tailored public relations and digital solutions in the rapidly shifting ecosystem by driving the brand narrative to achieve maximum impact. Their expertise lies in strategic analysis, collaborations, and creative outlook from the brand's perspective. Headquartered in Mumbai, the agency provides solutions like Reputation Management, Crisis Communication, Strategic Consultation, and Influencer Marketing. The practices are centered around BFSI, wealth management, personal finance, technology, startup, and hospitality amongst other spaces