EdgeCortix taps Racepoint Global for US PR efforts

EdgeCortix, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) inference company in Japan, has chosen Racepoint Global (RPG) to manage its US public relations efforts. The decision comes after a competitive selection process.EdgeCortix's technology powers intelligent decision-making in various applications, including car sensors, smart city infrastructure, and drones. The company already collaborates with FGS Global for PR activities in Japan, where EdgeCortix is headquartered.As EdgeCortix's US agency of record, RPG will provide a comprehensive suite of communication services, including media relations, analyst relations, market education, and thought leadership development.This win marks one of three new clients acquired by RPG through competitive pitches. The other two clients are:Indie Semiconductor: A California-based company creating automotive technology, particularly focused on driver safety and automation solutions.Sensera Systems: A Colorado-based company specializing in security cameras and systems specifically designed for construction sites."Sensera Systems offers critical jobsite intelligence solutions, and we're dedicated to using technology to transform the construction industry," said Marca Armstrong, Sensera's VP of Marketing & Customer Success. "Collaborating with a proven partner like RPG will empower us to share compelling stories about how our clients leverage technology to build a new future."

Catalyzing Awareness: Leveraging PR to Address the Growing Challenge of Dementia

Dementia, a serious mental health condition affecting millions worldwide, has emerged as a pressing concern in India. With approximately 8.8 million individuals grappling with dementia, India stands as the second-largest hub of dementia cases globally, particularly among adults over the age of 60. As this demographic continues to expand, the need for proactive measures to address dementia has become increasingly important.  Amidst this backdrop, a unique opportunity arose to harness the power of public relations (PR) to catalyze awareness and action. Recognizing the gravitas of the situation, we embarked on a mission to spread awareness on the early symptoms of dementia and ways to delay the symptoms among the affected population.  Research has unveiled intriguing insights into unconventional avenues for combating cognitive decline. Gaming, in particular, has emerged as a promising tool in this endeavor. Studies suggest that gaming could significantly benefit individuals at risk of cognitive impairment, offering a stimulating environment that fosters cognitive agility and resilience. This revelation paved the way for innovative approaches to dementia awareness and intervention. 'Gamers for Dementia Awareness,' is a unique initiative that was launched, revolutionizing how we perceive and address dementia in India. Unveiled on World Alzheimer's Day, September 21st, this initiative mobilized a plethora of gamers across the nation to champion the cause of dementia awareness. India's gaming community, boasting a staggering 421 million gamers, presented an incredible opportunity to harness the power of gaming for social impact. Recognizing this potential, MPL, through its foundation, joined forces with Dementia India Alliance (DIA), Vridhcare, Kaha Mind, EPWA (Egamers and Players Welfare Association), and ElderAid to launch this initiative. At the heart of 'Gamers for Dementia Awareness' lay a multifaceted strategy aimed at leveraging PR to effect tangible change. A robust campaign that combined the power of digital media and on ground events helped us start conversations, dispel myths, and foster a culture of empathy and understanding surrounding dementia. In tandem with our digital campaign, a dedicated website was launched as a hub of resources on dementia.. Along with this, by leveraging the reach of the MPL app, we reached an extensive user base of 100 million individuals, underscoring our commitment to democratizing access to vital information and support services. In the course of the campaign we also realized , that unlike the west where there are specialized centers for elder care, the situation is very grim in India where the old age homes not only lack proper infrastructure but many times also lack apathy in the way the elders are treated. Together with our campaign partner Vridh Care which runs a network of close to 100 old age homes across the country, we touched base with thousands of elderly population and not only shared crucial information on dementia but also conducted on ground events to engage with them and highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Through these concerted efforts, we not only raised awareness but also empowered communities to take proactive steps in combating dementia. We also partnered with some of the top gaming influencers and encouraged them to take a 5 point pledge that they would spend more quality time with their parents and elderly and encourage them to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle that can help delay the symptoms of dementia. This engagement helped us spread the word among their millions of followers and make them aware of the signs of dementia , something that is not widely discussed by this segment of the youth. As the campaign concluded, we reflected on the transformative journey undertaken and celebrated the collective impact achieved. The collaborative efforts of 'Gamers for Dementia Awareness' has not only raised critical awareness but have also sparked a movement of compassion and solidarity across India. By uniting the gaming community with leading organizations in the fight against dementia, we have demonstrated the profound impact that collective action can achieve.  As we look to the future, we hope to continue to leverage innovative approaches and strategic partnerships to address the growing challenge of dementia, ensuring a brighter and more supportive environment for those affected by this condition. Together, we can make a difference—one game at a time. Sharmistha Roy - Corporate Communications, Mobile Premier League