Weber Shandwick unveils healthcare fellowship to elevate Black talent

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Weber Shandwick is stepping up its efforts to diversify its healthcare practice with the launch of a new fellowship programme specifically designed for Black undergraduate students.

Called HealthFellows, the programme targets STEM-focused Black students and is developed in partnership with the Ron Brown Scholar Program, a renowned leadership development organisation.

The 32-week pilot programme equips participants with vital skills in communication, marketing, digital content creation, client management, and hands-on experience through real-world client projects.

Weber Shandwick boasts an ambitious goal: hiring 80% of the inaugural class upon graduation.

This initiative tackles a crucial challenge in healthcare PR: the lack of diversity in communication teams, hindering effective outreach to diverse populations.

"Representation is critical," emphasizes Jamie Dowd, president of Weber Shandwick Health Americas. "Our staff needs to reflect the audiences we serve, and this program fosters that change."

Judith Harrison, Chief DE&I Officer at Weber Shandwick, highlights the programme's strategic design: "Matching Ron Brown Scholars' STEM expertise with our science-based communication needs creates a powerful synergy."

Building a Brighter Future:

The inaugural class includes seven talented individuals: Asha Yearwood (Northwestern), Brianna Freeman (Vanderbilt), Brooke Solomon (Howard), Harmony Arungwa (University of Pittsburgh), Jahnea Pressley (Temple), Jonathan Goshu (Brown), and Jordan Richardson (Howard).

By nurturing the next generation of Black communication professionals in healthcare, Weber Shandwick and the Ron Brown Scholar Program are paving the way for more inclusive and impactful communication in the healthcare industry.

This programme builds upon a longstanding partnership between Weber Shandwick and the Ron Brown Scholar Program.

By investing in diverse talent and fostering career development in healthcare communication, Weber Shandwick sets a positive example for the industry, promoting meaningful representation and effective communication within healthcare.