Mastercard chooses Archetype for Asia-Pacific PR

Adgully Bureau |

Singapore: Mastercard has selected Archetype as its new agency for Asia-Pacific public relations, following a competitive review process, according to reports. Archetype will take over the regional hub mandate previously held by Golin, which parted ways with the financial services giant last year.

Golin, the incumbent agency for over three years, did not participate in the recent pitch process.

Archetype will lead regional corporate communications, storytelling, and strategic engagement, collaborating with existing local partners like Weber Shandwick.

Barkha Patel-Zinzuwadia oversees communications, while Julie Nestor heads marketing and communications for Mastercard in Asia-Pacific.

Barkha Patel-Zinzuwadia, SVP of Communications at Mastercard, said: "Following a rigorous pitch process, we selected Archetype for their strong understanding of the regional landscape and their ability to bring our communications story to life."

The number of agencies involved in the pitch process is not officially confirmed. While Archetype takes over the regional hub, Weber Shandwick continues to handle local market PR in most of Asia-Pacific.

Mastercard also collaborates with Ketchum for global communications, particularly in the US.

Overall, this move reflects Mastercard's continued commitment to strengthening its communications efforts in the strategically important Asia-Pacific region.