PRCA APAC unveils diversity, equality and inclusion charter

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) APAC has launched its first-ever Asia-Pacific ‘PRCA APAC Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (D,E,&I) Charter’’.In response to the growing imperative to prioritise D,E&I in the work of all PR professionals, the PRCA APAC DE&I Committee is proud to launch a comprehensive Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (D,E&I) Charter. This Charter is designed to promote an inclusive and diverse public relations industry across the Asia Pacific region, addressing systemic barriers and guiding industry best practices.This 7-point charter, which has been produced with input from PR and communications practitioners in the region, is one of the many ways that the industry can work towards achieving this goal. It is meant to serve as a set of industry guidelines that PR practitioners can use to guide their work and promote a culture of respect, equality and inclusion.Charu Srivastava, Chair of the PRCA APAC D,E&I Committee and Co-Founder at TriOn & Co, said: “We believe that establishing a robust charter is essential in driving positive and real change within our industry. Our goal is to provide industry practitioners with practical guidelines that promote a culture of respect, equality, and inclusion. These guidelines set a strong foundation for us to build upon as we strive to be an industry that is truly diverse, inclusive and equal in all manners.”