Luxury PR agency Ellyse Management launches in Dubai

Ellyse Management, a new luxury public relations and communications agency, has officially launched in Dubai. Founded by entrepreneur and former supermodel Elvira Jain, (pictured), the agency aims to fill a gap in the market for innovative and strategic luxury brand representation.Jain brings a wealth of experience to the table. Her illustrious career in the fashion industry, including collaborations with leading brands like Gucci, Dior, and Armani, has provided her with a deep understanding of the luxury market. Additionally, her entrepreneurial spirit, evidenced by owning and selling a business at a young age, positions her well to lead Ellyse Management.Ellyse Management offers a comprehensive suite of services, including luxury PR consultancy, event management, and talent management. The agency leverages a 360-degree marketing approach, combining traditional PR excellence with influencer marketing and tailored strategies to amplify brand presence. This, combined with their access to diverse communities across Dubai, ensures a bespoke and impactful experience for each client.Ellyse Management boasts a global footprint, strategically located in Dubai, Paris, Milan, and Miami. This allows them to offer clients access to key markets in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA.Elvira Jain, Founder of Ellyse Management, states: "The launch of Ellyse Management marks a new chapter in my career and the culmination of my journey in luxury fashion. We aim to bridge the gap between luxury brands and discerning audiences, crafting unique and sophisticated narratives that resonate with them. We are thrilled to be located in Dubai, a city synonymous with ambition and innovation, and look forward to shaping the future of luxury PR and event management."The agency differentiates itself by creating sophisticated narratives that go beyond traditional marketing. They focus on a curated selection of high-profile individuals, offering unique collaboration opportunities and perspectives for their esteemed clientele.Despite being a new agency, Ellyse Management has already secured collaborations with iMaker Group, Alpago Properties, Retail Abu Dhabi, Atlantis The Royal, and Botsi. Additionally, they have participated in prestigious events like the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals and secured cover features on L'Officiel Arabia and Glamour magazine.