Milk & Honey PR unveils Nu for ethical AI adoption

Milk & Honey PR is embracing the future of communications with the launch of Nu, a dedicated division focused on integrating new technologies, particularly hybrid human-AI solutions. This move underscores the agency's commitment to responsible AI use, both internally and for their clients.To ensure responsible implementation, Nu will be guided by Milk & Honey's existing AI ethical steering group. This group will oversee the new division and a comprehensive AI roadmap.The roadmap outlines Milk & Honey's commitment to using AI in a way that aligns with their B Corp values, which prioritize social and environmental responsibility.Nu's launch is accompanied by strategic partnerships with key players in the AI space:IntelliAIM: An AI platform that leverages existing client data to develop campaign assets.Lazy Consulting: A team of senior consultants specializing in driving business growth through generative AI.These partnerships will allow Milk & Honey to seamlessly integrate these advanced services into their overall client offerings.The creation of Nu stems from Milk & Honey's ongoing exploration of generative AI, a process that began three years ago and culminated in the publication of their AI Ethical Playbook.Recognizing the mixed client sentiment towards AI, Milk & Honey conducted a survey revealing:An even split (50/50) between those who see AI as a positive force and those who have concerns.Specific concerns include potential job losses (25%), loss of human touch in communication (50%), and data privacy issues (83%).Nu will be spearheaded by Sanjiv Winayak, Client Services Director and newly appointed Head of AI at Milk & Honey. He will report to Manuel Hüttl, CEO of Milk & Honey Germany, who will oversee the division's operations.Winayak emphasizes Nu's focus on a future where AI complements human capabilities, not replaces them. He highlights the importance of human understanding in communication, a core principle guiding Nu and its AI roadmap.Hüttl acknowledges the transformative potential of AI in the communications industry. He positions Nu as a hub for innovation, creative collaboration, and responsible AI adoption, ultimately aiming to inspire positive global change in PR practices.By launching Nu, Milk & Honey PR positions itself at the forefront of responsible AI integration in the communications landscape.