Sphere PR launches new cyber crisis communication service for tech firms

Adgully Bureau |

Tech security PR leader Sphere PR is celebrating 18 years by unveiling a new service designed to help organisations navigate cyber-crises and IT outages. This comprehensive offering goes beyond reputation management during an attack.

Sphere PR's cyber-crisis communication service provides a multi-pronged approach:

Strategy Development: Sphere PR will guide organizations in crafting a robust cyber-crisis communication strategy, ensuring all key stakeholders are prepared for potential incidents.

Preparation & Training: The service includes developing communication response plans for various cyber threats and IT outages, allowing for a swift and measured response.

Effective Communication: Sphere PR's expertise empowers organizations to practice cyber-attack scenarios. This ensures everyone understands their roles and responsibilities in the event of a data breach or outage.

"This new offering is designed to address the unique crisis communications challenges today’s organisations face in an environment of heightened cyber threats. It will enable them to respond in a timely manner and communicate the key facts effectively to their customers via the media," said Louise Roberts (pictured), Managing Director, Sphere PR.  

"It's about leveraging our expertise to ensure organisations practise cyber-attack scenarios and everyone knows their responsibility when a data breach or an outage does occur. Being open and honest when communicating with customers is critical in the early stages of an incident to explain the implications for customers and how they will mitigate these risks in future."