SourceCode unveils AI tool to maximize earned media impact

Adgully Bureau |

SourceCode has launched Amplify, an innovative AI-powered tool designed to extend the reach and effectiveness of positive press coverage.

Traditionally, earned media success has been measured by the initial article or placement itself. Amplify goes beyond that. This tool utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze media placements and automatically generate additional content specifically tailored for various communication channels. This allows companies to leverage the power of positive press mentions across their entire communication strategy, maximizing its impact.

Imagine using positive media coverage to boost employee morale through company-wide emails or social media posts highlighting the recognition. Amplify makes this a reality. Sales teams can create even more compelling content for prospect outreach, featuring media mentions that showcase the brand's value proposition. And for social media managers, Amplify can generate content specifically designed to broaden brand awareness, ensuring earned media coverage resonates across all social media platforms.

By automating content creation based on media placements, Amplify tackles a significant challenge for PR professionals: maximizing the return on investment (ROI) from earned media efforts. "Our goal is to ensure each piece of positive press coverage acts as the catalyst for a comprehensive communication strategy," explains Kevin Dulaney, Executive VP and the creator of Amplify.

SourceCode isn't just offering Amplify as a tool, they're already using it to benefit their clients. They understand that every company's needs are unique, so they tailor the Amplify process to each client. Factors like the reputation of the media outlet and the messaging reach are considered to personalize the content generated by Amplify.

With Amplify, companies can finally turn earned media mentions into a springboard for a strategic and impactful communication campaign, said Robert Tomkinson, CMO at TouchTunes, a current user of Amplify.