CPRA unveils Australia's longest-running PR industry awards

The Communication and Public Relations Australia (CPRA) has unveiled details for the 2024 Golden Target Awards, Australia's longest-running and prestigious programme recognizing excellence in the communications and PR industry. This year's edition boasts exciting new features designed to celebrate a wider range of achievements.Elevated Recognition: Previously focusing on national and state awards, the 2024 program streamlines the competition into a single national programme. Agencies, teams, and individuals will now compete for top honors across five categories: Campaign, Agency, Education, Team, and Individual. This revamped structure ensures a more leveled playing field and allows for broader recognition across the country.Deeper Dive into Impact: Reflecting the growing importance of long-term communication strategies, the CPRA introduces a new "Sustained Campaign" category. This addition acknowledges ongoing campaigns that have demonstrated consistent effectiveness over an extended period. Additionally, recognizing the unique challenges faced by non-profit and pro bono projects, the CPRA has separated these categories, allowing for dedicated recognition of their impact.Strengthened Leadership: Leading the judging panel is the highly respected industry icon Jackie Crossman. Joining her this year as Deputy Judge is Amanda Little, a seasoned communications professional. This combined expertise ensures a rigorous and insightful judging process.Key Dates: Aspiring participants should mark their calendars. Early-bird entries close on Friday, July 19th, 2024. The shortlist of finalists will be announced on September 25th, followed by the much-awaited National Awards Night on October 30th at the esteemed ICC Sydney venue.The revamped Golden Target Awards offer a compelling platform for communications and PR professionals to showcase their exceptional work and gain national recognition for their contributions to the industry.