Ex-Edelman veterans unite to form Stratagem Corporate Advisory

Former Edelman colleagues Susan Redden Makatoa and Peter Fraser, alongside legal expert Mick Bainbridge, have announced the launch of Stratagem Corporate Advisory.This new firm brings together a wealth of experience specifically tailored to support boards and executives. Stratagem offers a comprehensive suite of services, including:  Corporate communications and executive training  Public affairs navigation  Issues mitigation and crisis management  Legal and regulatory engagementStratagem's unique structure allows them to provide legal privilege from the very beginning, a significant advantage when dealing with sensitive matters.Leading the ChargeSusan Redden Makatoa: A CPRA Fellow with over 20 years of agency leadership experience, previously serving as Edelman's Head of Corporate, APAC.Peter Fraser: A seasoned former political advisor and corporate affairs senior counsel, who held the position of lead government relations counsel Australia at Edelman.Mick Bainbridge: Founder of Operational Legal and a renowned advocate for veterans across Australia. Mick has extensive experience collaborating with government and non-profit organisations.This combined expertise positions Stratagem as a powerful ally for boards and executives navigating today's complex business landscape.Stratagem's Managing Director Susan Redden Makatoa said: "We have all been working on complex, high-stakes matters in recent years, which need calm, considered and informed counsel. So, we’ve formed a team with extensive corporate, government and legal expertise to guide our clients through multi-stakeholder corporate, government affairs and legal/regulatory challenges and opportunities." (Image Left to Right : Peter Fraser, Susan Redden Makatoa, Mick Bainbridge.)