Ahmedabad hosts PRCAI: Shaping the future of regional PR

The Public Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI) held its first-ever PRCAI Regional Dialogues in Ahmedabad, India, on February 23, 2024. The event brought together industry veterans, academicians, and communication specialists to discuss the evolving landscape of regional PR and its critical role in shaping effective communication strategies.It was held under the theme "Scripting The Tomorrow of Regional PR."The focus was on the growing importance of regional PR in engaging diverse local audiences and building successful communication strategies.Sanjeev Handa, SVP of PR and Communications at Maruti Suzuki India, highlighted the crucial role of local and regional media in amplifying brand messaging.Panel discussions:"Inside Out of Regional PR": Narayan Bhatt (Reliance Industries), Neeraj Sharma (AM/NS India), Vibhuti Bhatt (One Advertising), and Ajay Umat (NavGujarat Samay & Ahmedabad Mirror) discussed regional PR's contribution to holistic communication and business growth."Talent: New Hunting Grounds and Change to Lead": Shailesh Goyal (Simulations PR), Pradeep Mallik (PDEU), and Deeptie Sethi (PRCAI) explored the potential of tier-2 cities for talent acquisition and strategies for preparing students for the evolving PR industry.PRCAI felicitated pioneers and senior professionals in Ahmedabad's PR and corporate communications sector.The PRCAI Regional Dialogues are expected to become a platform for fostering meaningful discussions, promoting innovation, and shaping the future of communication in India. The event was supported by Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad.