CommsAdda and Kunzum to host interactive sessions on PR and marketing

CommsAdda, a forum for senior Corporate Communications professionals, collaborates with Kunzum, the cherished cultural hub and bookstore, to orchestrate a series of interactive sessions aimed at exploring the evolving landscape of PR and marketing. The sessions, scheduled for February 24 and March 2, will delve into the theme "Navigating the blurring lines between PR and marketing," offering invaluable insights and dialogues for practitioners in the field.The alliance between Kunzum and CommsAdda epitomizes a fusion of inventive arenas and communication proficiency, endowing attendees with a singular occasion to partake in thought-stirring colloquies within a lively milieu.Articulating his ardor and alliance with Kunzum, Bhaskar Mazumdar, co-originator of CommsAdda, said, "It's truly gratifying to forge connections with Kunzum, and I look forward to the gathering. The topic is exceptionally gripping, and I am sanguine that the professionals partaking at the GK2 and Gurugram bookstore will lend to a stimulating and illuminating discourse. I extend heartfelt gratitude to Kunzum for affording CommsAdda this platform and the opportunity to convene such a meaningful gathering.”Ajay Jain, Author, Photographer, Traveller & Founder of Kunzum, emphasized the synergy between Kunzum's ethos and the event's objectives: "Kunzum is not just a bookstore; it's a place where people come-together for culture, learning, networking, and joy. Hosting CommsAdda at Kunzum aligns perfectly with our mission to foster creativity and exchange of ideas. In line with our tagline 'It’s the way you think,' we look forward to facilitating an environment where new perspectives can emerge."The session promises to furnish enriching encounters for professionals endeavoring to navigate the kinetic confluence of PR and marketing within today's swiftly evolving terrain.“The subject matter is exceedingly pertinent, and I am confident that it will transpire as an event replete with mirth, camaraderie, erudition, and the exchange of insights from each other’s odyssey in communication," Bhaskar added.