SPAG FINN Partners lists top 50 influential Indian doctors on social media 2024

SPAG FINN Partners, a leading health communication and integrated marketing agency, unveils its list of "Top 50 Influential Doctors on Social Media - India 2024" under its ChangeMakers series. This initiative on Doctor's Day celebrates the remarkable impact of Indian doctors who are driving significant change through their digital presence on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.  Our ChangeMakers' series, underscores our commitment to highlighting the transformative power of digital health communicators. By advancing health literacy and fostering a culture of wellness, these exceptional doctors are not only reshaping how medical information is shared but also significantly contributing to public health improvement," said Aman Gupta, Managing Partner at SPAG FINN Partners.  SPAG FINN Partners' Influencer Marketing offering spans diverse health niches, ensuring brands find the perfect match for their communication and marketing campaigns.  With a robust network of over 1,000+ active health influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) across major platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, this list ensures brand connects with influencers who resonate with their target audiences. Selected for their expertise, engaging content, and community impact, the top 50 doctors on this list on each platform are pivotal in shaping conversations around health and well-being in India and beyond.  Mahesh Devrani, Partner at SPAG FINN Partners, emphasized the agency's unique approach to influencer marketing and said, “As a health specialised marketing agency we release this list to promote and celebrate a culture of transparency, trust, and evidence-based wellness, empowering our community with credible, impactful information. By showcasing the top 50 influential doctors on social media, we aim to emphasize the critical role of health information in the AI age. This initiative is designed to inspire a collaborative environment where individuals are empowered to take control of their health, guided by trusted and knowledgeable voices in the medical community  “In the evolving landscape of health and healthcare, influencers have become pivotal in shaping how people perceive and access health information. A collaborative, guided and ethical approach that brings together influencers, health experts, communicators, and the public is crucial to harnessing this trend’s full potential.”added Aman Gupta.  The purpose of recognizing these influential doctors is to highlight their contributions to public health education and advocacy. This list also aims to facilitate meaningful partnerships that amplify the voices of health experts and drive tangible impact. These, in turn, can bridge gaps between medical professionals, innovation and the general public, enhancing the reach and effectiveness of health-related information.