SGCA Awards to empower young talents to shape future of communication

The 11th Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA) is set to revolutionise innovation and creativity for university and school students with two awards: the Universities Challenge, in collaboration with the United Arab Emirates University, and the Artificial Intelligence Skills Camp (AISC), in partnership with the Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting (AIJRF).These awards offer young innovators the chance to design and present groundbreaking projects that enhance applied education in technical fields and artificial intelligence. Participants are nominated by relevant partners, ensuring precise evaluation of their outstanding capabilities and potential.H.E Alia Bu Ghanem Al Suwaidi, Director of the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB), stated, “One of the key objectives of the SGCA is to shape the future of communication in the Arab region and promote it globally. This is why we target young university and school students, because when we develop their capabilities and creativity, we invest in the future of communication. We are dedicated to the continued development of the new generation of communication champions who contribute to shaping this field through innovative solutions and ideas.”Universities Challenge honours student-led communication innovationsThe three-day Universities Challenge targets university students from GCC countries, bringing together creative students to compete in designing and presenting projects that achieve tangible social returns and foster positive interaction between government institutions and society. This includes developing new services that enhance institutional performance and establishing digital platforms that facilitate government-citizen interactions. The challenge aims to honour the best project, stimulate a culture of innovation among university students, and develop their intellectual and practical skills, paving the way for them to become future leaders in government communications and contribute to its improvement.H.E Prof. Ahmed Ali Murad, Acting Vice Chancellor of the United Arab Emirates University, commented: “The UAEU’s participation in the SGCA aligns with the vital role of effective partnerships in translating national visions and strategies, and shaping a bright future in the UAE. This is achieved through communication and idea exchange with various entities, the adoption of government models and concepts, and tools to create positive change and innovative solutions that empower individuals and communities.”He added: “Through this partnership, the university organises the 3rd challenge to encourage local and international students to innovate and design outstanding projects that utilise government communication mechanisms in content creation, serving as crucial decision-making tools that impact individuals and build strong, civilised communities. The focus is on aligning with the fast-paced technical developments globally and their impact on content creation.”AISC: Boosting technical creativity in AIThe Artificial Intelligence Skills Camp (AISC) returns for the second consecutive year at the International Government Communication Forum (IGCF), targeting students aged 12-17. AISC provides an exceptional creative environment that educates students and enhances their practical skills in artificial intelligence. The camp offers a comprehensive understanding of AI basics, its practical applications, and integration into daily life.The camp aims to teach students AI applications in the production and management of government, media, and service content, providing skills to produce various media content forms. Participants will receive educational materials from certified instructors in AI and the Metaverse, gaining insights into AI across various fields and learning the fundamentals of this modern technology. Prizes will be awarded by a jury for outstanding projects at the camp's conclusion.Dr Mohamed Abdulzaher, CEO of AIJRF, emphasised the award's significance and its key regional and global roles, noting: “Since its inception, the SGCA has been a pivotal and global incentive for many government entities and institutions. It is more than an award honouring excellence; it is an essential educational and motivational tool, boosting effective media content creation in government communications and fostering robust media strategies.”Dr Abdulzaher also highlighted AIJRF's four-year partnership with SGMB, underscoring: “We believe in the importance of this award and the global positive impact it delivers annually. The award’s transparency and clear scientific and organisational standards open new horizons for all government entities worldwide to compete and showcase the best government communication practices in the human service field.”

SGCA Jury Awards celebrate individual communication feats across four categories

The Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB) has introduced the Jury Awards as part of the 11th edition of the Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA), focused on celebrating and recognising outstanding individual achievements and valuable contributions in the communication field across four categories.These include the ‘Best Distinguished Government Official Award’, ‘Best Individual to Have Contributed Strategically to the Field of Government Communication’, ‘Best Communication with Impact on Remote Communities’, and ‘Best Individual Positive Social Impact Award’.Leading experts in media and communicationThe selection of nominees and winners for the four categories will be based on the SGCA Jury Committee, which comprises HE Mohammed Jalal Al Raisi, (pictured), Chairman of the Jury Committee; HE Ali Jaber, Group TV Director of MBC and Dean of the Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication at the American University in Dubai; HE Dr. Ali Qasim Jawad Al Lawati, President of The Royal Academy of Management in Oman; HE Shihab Alhammadi, Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs - University of Sharjah; Mohammed Majed Al Suwaidi, Acting Director of Sharjah Sports Channel (SSC); Mona El-Shazly, prominent Egyptian media personality and TV host; Sami Al Reyami, former Editor-in-Chief of Emarat Al Youm newspaper; Dr. Yasar Jarrar, Senior Strategy Advisor focused on emerging markets and author of “The Sheikh CEO” book; and writer and media personality Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rahman Al Arfaj.Celebrting individual communication endeavoursHE Mohammed Jalal Al Raisi, Chairman of the SGCA jury committee said: "We take great pride in our ongoing partnership with the prestigious and coveted Sharjah Government Communication Award. Leveraging the expertise of each jury member, these special award categories seek to recognise leading achievements and honour exemplary societal models that inspire the public to engage positively and actively."He said: "Our communities have many commendable experiences that positively utilise communication tools effectively and deserve public recognition. It is our responsibility as jurors to highlight these achievements. The categories span various facets of government communication, including outstanding leadership, strategic contributions, and positive social impacts. Showcasing these achievements reinforces values of innovation and excellence in communication and fosters further contributions towards a more connected, developed, and positively influenced society."Best Distinguished Government Official AwardThe Best Distinguished Government Official Award honours government officials who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, inspiring dedication, and effective contributions that go far beyond the expectations of their official roles. The award seeks to highlight those who take a hands-on approach and interact directly with the public, employees, and society, creating wide-reaching positive impact both in the entities where they work and in society by improving public services, adopting innovative initiatives, and enhancing transparency and accountability in government administration.Individuals with Strategic ContributionsThe Best Individual to Have Contributed Strategically to the Field of Government Communication celebrates exceptional individuals who have played a pivotal role in positive change and a profound impact on government communication through contributions to elevate communications between governments and citizens through strategic, scientific, and applied contributions. The award also recognises individuals who have provided creative and innovative solutions to advance strategies, transparency, and credibility.Best Communication with Impact on Remote CommunitiesThe Best Communication with Impact on Remote Communities award category honours individuals who have shown exceptional creativity and excellence in designing and implementing communication strategies targeting remote areas with tangible positive results. The award recognises those who have utilised new or unconventional tools and technologies to overcome communication challenges in those regions, as well as those who have developed strategies that transcend geographic and cultural barriers. The jury will consider several key contributions, including developing and implementing strategies that address the unique privacy and challenges of remote areas.Best Individual Positive Social Impact AwardThe Best Individual Positive Social Impact Award honours individuals who have made a substantial social contribution by directly influencing large groups of people, inspiring them to take on positive roles, and becoming effective public role models. This award category recognises community figures and social media influencers who have utilised their social media stardom to drive initiatives, practices, and communication campaigns with profound and positive social, developmental, and cultural impacts, contributing to societal advancement.

Sharjah Government Media Bureau opens entries for 11th Communication Awards

The Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB) is calling on individuals across the globe to participate in the 11th edition of the Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA). Individuals can compete in four distinct categories, focusing on ambitious young individuals with leading communication initiatives, official spokespersons representing government institutions, academics and researchers, and digital content creators transforming the media landscape with their creativity. Nominations are open until August 1st through the website Youth InitiativeThe Best Youth Initiative in Government Communication category is dedicated to individuals or youth groups that have launched impactful communication initiatives to strengthen and advance government communication. These initiatives should enhance government communication programmes through innovative tools, effective communication with the public, or inspiring governments to launch projects aligned with the youth campaign’s message.Eligibility criteria include alignment with the general objectives of government communication, such as promoting transparency, raising public awareness, and encouraging youth participation in public affairs. Sustainability, with a clear plan for continuity and development, is also preferred. Additionally, inclusivity and diversity in age, gender, and cultural background are integral criteria, along with compliance with local and international laws and adherence to high ethical standards.Best Official SpokespersonThe Best Official Spokesperson (employed in a government agency) award honours second-line official spokespersons who have demonstrated impactful delivery of government messages, efficiently managing crises, professionalism and innovation, and creating significant positive impact. The winner will be determined based on the media presence, use of various media platforms to enhance their organisation’s image and achieve strategic goals, commitment to ethical and professional standards, adaptability to changes, and the ability to present information innovatively and creatively.Best Purposeful Digital Content CreatorThe Best Purposeful Digital Content Creator awards recognize exceptional individuals in two age categories: one for creators over 18 and another for those under 18. These awards honor content creators who use digital media to make a positive impact. The content must have a tangible impact on society. Applicants are expected to showcase exceptional skills and creativity using digital tools to publish content on social media platforms and achieve wide interaction and continuous engagement.Best Research in Communication SciencesThe Best Research in Communication Sciences is awarded to research that contributes to the development of government communication and presents new and innovative communication technologies, methodologies, and applications. Eligible research must be endorsed by reputable academic institutions or have gained wide recognition and appreciation among readers and professionals, demonstrating a deep understanding of government communication objectives and effectively contributing to achieving them.Submission criteriaTo ensure a successful submission to the SGCA, applicants are advised to submit an executive summary not exceeding 250 words, as well as a comprehensive and organised 1,000 words file that uses headings, paragraphs, and illustrations to support the submission in addition to a summary or table of contents as an overview of the file. It is also recommended that the award file include introductory attachments such as infographics, videos, and photos, all of which must meet the specific criteria of the award category. Participants can submit their works that meet the award's criteria through the website, where comprehensive details about the categories, criteria, and participation requirements for each have been provided.