TEN by TishTash: Polly Williams on tailoring corp comm for the GCC

In the realm of public relations and marketing in the Middle East, TishTash Communications is making waves with its latest endeavor, Ten by TishTash. This new venture marks a strategic move for the company, as it steps into the realm of corporate communications.Ten by TishTash is designed to cater specifically to the intricacies of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, covering Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Offering a range of services including digital media, content creation, and crisis management, Ten by TishTash aims to be a reliable partner in reputation building and protection across various sectors such as lifestyle, beauty, wellness, interiors, law, and real estate.In this interview, Polly Williams, the Managing Director of TishTash, sheds light on the rationale behind this initiative in an interview with AdgullyME, discussing its strategic implications for the future of corporate communications in the region.Excerpts: What prompted TishTash Communications to launch TEN by TishTash, and how does it address the evolving needs of corporate clients in the GCC region?As an agency we have consistently worked with many corporate and global clients over the last 12 years. In 2024 we have seen a real shift in the needs of these clients and the balance of the media and stakeholder match. We saw an opportunity to design a purpose-built division that responds to these changes. TEN by TishTash aims to respond to the seismic shift in the PR landscape, created by digital innovation and consumer transparency. Digital touchpoints are inescapably at the forefront, alongside the change in consumer appetite and needs. TEN by TishTash works to amplify businesses and brands looking to connect with impact - be it with stakeholders, employees, clients and consumers in a way that fits this brave and diverse new world. Could you elaborate on the integrated storytelling and authenticity that TEN by TishTash aims to offer? How does it align with modern PR objectives?Corporate comms still carry a stigma of some very old-fashioned troupes. Think men in suits, grey haired C-suite leaders etc. But the truth is the world has evolved and agencies need to evolve with it. Most businesses are not led this way. We have noticed a growing need for the ‘non-traditionally’ corporate businesses, to have a wider, integrated understanding of up to date, joined up thinking on the capabilities around their stakeholder, employee and consumer messaging and we believe corporate, ‘joined up’ storytelling for these businesses can have the impact required - cross platform and cross stakeholder, with the authenticity an audience now demands.With the emergence of digital touchpoints and changing consumer preferences, how does TEN by TishTash plan to navigate and leverage these shifts in the media and stakeholder landscape?Everything we do at TishTash is about creating impact for our client. TEN by TishTash will be no different in its objective and we will compound our success by sharing a fresh thinking approach to integrated marketing and PR that utilises the agency's unparalleled understanding of the regional landscape. The digital first approach from TEN by TishTash takes a keen focus on output that is relevant, modern and creative. This will include strategic thought leadership, profiling, events, whitepapers, trade shows and credible sustainability initiatives, working together, versus in silo, and in the language that the audience of a business, brand or leadership team want to read, listen to and understand. What specific strategies or approaches does TEN by TishTash employ to ensure impactful corporate communications for its clients, especially in areas such as thought leadership, profiling, and B2B coverage?The key starting point is a deep dive into current brand sentiment against business objectives or brand promises. Taking from this, a strategy that combines the identified audience appetite, aligned with the business goals is key. Identifying where stakeholders are now and the topics that are relevant to new audiences are crucial. The lines drawn between what is B2C and what is B2B are blurring and the work we do aims to better bring those two sides together in an authentic way. For example, one of our corporate clients recently unveiled new maternity leave policies for their workforce. This was covered in both B2C and B2B publications (digitally and in print). Historically, you would not consider that such news would have that depth and breadth of coverage, but with the right strategic thinking and storytelling, bridging corporate and social interest, we are able to broaden reach and find new relevant audiences.  How does the leadership team, including yourself, envision the role of corporate communications evolving beyond 2024, and how does TEN by TishTash aim to stay ahead of these changes?The role of corporate communications is no different to the role of consumer communications, and that’s exactly why TEN was created. It’s about people. What they read, listen to and what they are influenced by, when and where. The importance of digital-first, the need for sophisticated storytelling and the increasing role of AI are all essential areas for consideration. The success of TishTash has always been in our agility to respond to the quick changing landscape, and this strategy will continue as we focus on new integrated storytelling and authenticity that match modern PR objectives.