CommsAdda celebrates National PR Day with a session on AI-led Crisis Comms

Adgully Bureau |
CommsAdda, a volunteer-led community of senior Corporate Communications & Marketing professionals, celebrated National PR Day with the successful hosting of their third knowledge session. The session, titled "AI-powered Crisis Communication," featured a comprehensive exploration of utilizing artificial intelligence in crisis management. Held on Friday at the Egis India premises in Gurgaon, the session attracted approximately 30 senior corporate communications and marketing professionals.

 Moderated by  Piyali Mandal, a seasoned crisis communications advisor, trainer and founder of The Media Coach, the knowledge session delved into the role of AI in crisis communication strategies and what to watch out for and how to be prepared. Attendees gained insights into leveraging AI-powered tools for real-time monitoring, sentiment analysis, and proactive crisis management.

 The CommsAdda Knowledge Session explored how AI can revolutionize crisis communication. Piyali demystified different AI types and its applications, showcasing generative AI's power for creating new data-driven strategies and focused on harnessing AI throughout the crisis lifecycle, from proactive risk assessment to effective response and recovery.

 Sharing her thoughts on the importance of incorporating AI into crisis communications strategies, Piyali said, “Examining the application of AI in crisis communications is not just timely but critical, especially as we navigate an era where the timeframe for crisis response is shrinking. The palpable enthusiasm in the room underscored the significance of the topic. What began as a knowledge-sharing session seamlessly evolved into an interactive brainstorming session, where we explored ways to integrate AI into our workflow as communication professionals effectively and responsibly. It's truly inspiring to witness CommsAdda's proactive approach in keeping its members informed and empowered through such sessions.”

 Advancements like predictive analytics and AI-powered audience segmentation were highlighted for better crisis management. These included the scarcity of Indian case studies, the need for spokesperson training with tools like Perplexity, Yoddle etc., for research, data analysis, inherent data bias, security concerns, limitations in emotional intelligence, and transparency issues. While acknowledging challenges like data bias and security concerns, the session offered solutions and addressed the concept of "AI washing." It showcased tools like Canva AI and emphasized responsible AI use through practical exercises.

Mrinall Dey, a veteran communications professional and co-originator of CommsAdda, said, “We are delighted to have hosted our third knowledge session on National PR Day. At CommsAdda, we are committed to fostering continuous learning and professional development within the corporate communications community. The communication industry has undergone a profound transformation, driven by the widespread availability of data, the expansive reach of the internet, and the proliferation of smartphones. The topic of AI-powered crisis communication is particularly relevant in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. In an era where crises can escalate rapidly, harnessing AI technology can empower organizations to respond swiftly and effectively. The live simulation exercise provided everyone with hands-on experience in applying AI tools to manage crisis situations”

 The two-hour session included a live simulation exercise where participants had the opportunity to apply AI-powered tools to manage a simulated crisis scenario. Participants actively engaged in the exercise, gaining practical insights into the application of AI in crisis management.

 CommsAdda had previously conducted two knowledge sessions on Navigating the Blurring lines between PR and marketing jointly hosted with Kunzum in Delhi and Gurgaon.