Communicating Your ‘Amrit Kaal’ Brand Narrative

Adgully Bureau |
Authored by - Anand Prakash, Reputation Management Consultant

Just a few years back, we experienced the biggest public health crisis in the 21st century, with far-reaching consequences for our economy, health, international relations, and sociocultural environment. The COVID-19 pandemic was the first-of-its-kind disruptive crisis experienced by mankind. The situation was new and unprecedented. There was much learning involved in navigating the crisis, especially while communicating with various stakeholders.

Since then, we have displayed tremendous resilience and have scripted a strong recovery emerging from the shadows of the pandemic. Since Hon’ble Indian Prime Minister ushered the nation into the age of Amrit Kaal, the country has embodied a spirit of relentless positivity. It was then the vision of India@100 was shared with us to work towards a new dawn for the country, which will bring with it the chance to fulfil the nation’s aspirations. Today, India finds itself in a unique position to be making history.

From a world perspective, developed countries like UK, Japan, and Ireland have entered into a technical recession, and around 14 more are standing on the edge. Around 70 countries are facing debt distress, around half of them are in the high-risk zone, and 4 to 5 have defaulted since 2020. Other developing economies are showing a sluggish growth trend, even as the global GDP is expected to slip from an estimated 2.7% (FY2023) to 2.4% (FY2024). Even China is experiencing an economic slowdown having recently experienced back-to-back crises in its real estate sector.  

Contrarily, India stands strong with a 7.3% GDP growth going past the International projections. India has done so amidst strong global headwinds, such as climate change, international conflicts and hostile geopolitics, energy market and supply chain disruptions, and many more.  Multiple factors, including prudent policy making, aggressive developmental initiatives, increased capital expenditure, fostering international relations, and so on have contributed to our economic growth. However, one factor stands out. For the first time ever in the history of independent India, we have a vision and a roadmap for the next 25 years, offering much clarity to the citizens on what we need to work towards as a nation.

The year 2024 will be critical for India, as the nation will go on to exercise its democratic right. Irrespective of the outcome, the period of Amrit Kaal is unique and special. In my interactions with over 40 CXOs in recent times, I have observed how brands have adopted to be a part of the Amrit Kaal narrative, absorbing the spirit of positivity, by not only bringing a transformation in organizational mindset but also adopting it in their communication strategies to reflect upon the brand image.

However, even at the times of high positivity, there is a need to be cautious and thought oriented. Amrit Kaal is also new and unprecedented. While it presents us with tremendous opportunities to share our stories, a blind approach may lead to unforeseen fallouts. All organizations want to continue building a stronger brand image. However, just as success cannot be guaranteed even if market conditions are right. One has to take the right steps and not take conditions for granted.

As communication and reputation consultants, we are committed to helping brands across sectors, automotive, real estate, technology, finance, start-ups, energy, media, new economy, and many more to get the organizational alignment right and leverage the power of storytelling to build compelling Amrit Kaal brand stories. I am leaving you with four questions that might trigger some thought:

·      How or in what ways is your brand in Amrit Kaal?

·      While aligning your story with Amrit Kaal, what is that is unique that you are telling?

·      Other than positivity, what key emotions, say empathy, courage, pride, hope, inspiring, are central to your story?

·      How can the Amrit Kaal narrative become a part of the organization’s change management communication?

Your organization is contributing to nation-building, and in doing so, it has many stories to tell. Building brand reputation needs the right stories to be told to the right people at the right time using the right platform and tools. While stepping into the new financial year, as we collectively work in the times of Rising Bharat, the first step would be to find the right communication partner to tell your Amrit Kaal narrative to the world and help shine spotlight on your contribution to the nation’s goal of Viksit Bharat@2047.