Ex-Edelman veterans unite to form Stratagem Corporate Advisory

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Former Edelman colleagues Susan Redden Makatoa and Peter Fraser, alongside legal expert Mick Bainbridge, have announced the launch of Stratagem Corporate Advisory.

This new firm brings together a wealth of experience specifically tailored to support boards and executives. Stratagem offers a comprehensive suite of services, including:

  Corporate communications and executive training

  Public affairs navigation

  Issues mitigation and crisis management

  Legal and regulatory engagement

Stratagem's unique structure allows them to provide legal privilege from the very beginning, a significant advantage when dealing with sensitive matters.

Leading the Charge

Susan Redden Makatoa: A CPRA Fellow with over 20 years of agency leadership experience, previously serving as Edelman's Head of Corporate, APAC.

Peter Fraser: A seasoned former political advisor and corporate affairs senior counsel, who held the position of lead government relations counsel Australia at Edelman.

Mick Bainbridge: Founder of Operational Legal and a renowned advocate for veterans across Australia. Mick has extensive experience collaborating with government and non-profit organisations.

This combined expertise positions Stratagem as a powerful ally for boards and executives navigating today's complex business landscape.

Stratagem's Managing Director Susan Redden Makatoa said: "We have all been working on complex, high-stakes matters in recent years, which need calm, considered and informed counsel. So, we’ve formed a team with extensive corporate, government and legal expertise to guide our clients through multi-stakeholder corporate, government affairs and legal/regulatory challenges and opportunities." 

(Image Left to Right : Peter Fraser, Susan Redden Makatoa, Mick Bainbridge.)